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What's New
November 29, 2012
I continue to explore quite frequently and I have been focused on exploring outside of Saskatchewan over the past few years and have spent a fair bit of time in Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, and in the North Western United States. There has been a fair bit of activity on my blog since the last update but have decided to update the website because I have decided to show a location I have been exploring for years but have yet to show. That location is the Fort San Sanitarium.

July 6, 2010
Considering I don't have the best track record of updating my site I have decided that a blog might help me update things more often. I will still update this site, however in between I will keep updating the blog. Please feel free to leave comments - I always love reading them. Check out the link to the blog under locations.

January 6, 2010
Well here we are over 3 years and no updates. 2007 was a rough year for me. I didnít explore at all. In fact I just about got rid of this site all together. I decided to hold on to it hoping things in my life would improve and they did. In 2008 I got back into exploring and got out quite a few times. Every time I thought about updating this site I decided to go explore instead.

We hit up some great locations in the past 18 months; mines, hospitals, asylums, military bases, ghost towns, airports, schools, grow ops, etc. Perhaps the biggest personal accomplishment for me was finally getting my opportunity to get into the Weyburn Mental Hospital. I have been documenting it since 2004 and I have close to 100 photos on this site. Itís the most popular location on the site so I am sure it will be popular with the viewers of this site.

So I make no excuses other than when I am given the change to explore or update this site I almost always choose to explore, but donít worry I am still here and I am still exploring. There are several sites that I am waiting for my opportunity to post, however I am not ready to share them just yet, but there are some sneak previews in the two various galleries that I have added. Please continue sending me feedback Ė I always love reading your comments.

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New Locations

Fort San

Other Locations

Weyburn Mental Hospital Night Time Infiltration

Ormiston Mining and Smelting Ltd. Ghost Town

Various #1 Various #2

Moose Jaw Animal Park The New Ehrle Hotel

Office Building Redux & NancyDrew Camp Tawasi

Moose Jaw Animal Park Leney School

Abandoned Bridges of the Saskatchewan Rivers Claybank Brink Plant

Avonlea Farm House Electrifying Farmhouse

ghost farms

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