The Facility moves closer to Abandonment

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Front Enterance
The front enterance on a cold but sunny February Afternoon

Front Enterance
Another front enterance shot

Front doors
The front enterance is equiped with a beautiful brass hand rail & bannister, along a marble walkway. They don't build them like that anymore.

Abandoned West Wing
First look on the shady side of the abandoned west wing.

Telephoto shot of a decrepit cupola on the abandoned west wing

More West Wing
Another Shot of the west wing. The property is listed for sale. I believe the price was 5 million and that includes all buildings and 80 acres. I don't think anyone will buy it for that amount of money. The renovations just to repair 30 years of neglect would be astronomical.

End of west wing
The end of the west wing, just recently boarded up.

West wing
This is a view of the west wing looking back towards the rest of the facility.

From abandonement to useful
The abandoned wing and the transition to the portions still in use.

More Abondonment
This picture shows just a little portion of the facility. It is huge.

West Wing from Service Buildings
A view of the west wing from the maintenance buildings.

Almost everything was built in 1920.

Coal Elevator
I believe this is the elevator system used to lift coal for use in the powerplant.

Power Plant Stack
The power plant has only been used to generate steam for heat for many years. I am not sure when the hospital stopped producing it's own power, but I would assume in the 1950's when the province was building the power grid.

Long shot Abandoned Wing
Long shot of the Abandoned west wing

South Wing
A portion of the still used (not sure as to what the use it) south wing. One of the few spots where windows have been updated. This wing has faired better than the rest.

Telephoto shot
Shot taken from highway that is atleast 1/4 mile away.

Another Telephoto
Another shot from far.

Even from the distance this shot was taken, you can't get the whole facility into 1 picture. The next time I get there, I am sure there will be less of the facility in use. The remaining 300 patients have moved, or will very shortly into a new facility built on the grounds.

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