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Wm Andersen (
Date:Sun 11 Nov 2007 04:44:02 PM EST
Subject:Weyburn Mental Hospital

What a interesting activity you have. I came upon your site while looking for info on the Weyburn Mental Hospital. My interest is in a genealogy connection to my grandfather who was committed to the hospital about 1925 and died there in 1942. He was in and out of this facility a number of times and allowed to go home over his 17 year term. My best info so far indicates that today his "depression" would have been simply treated with Prozac - how unfortunate he had to live in a mind prison.

As you say WMH is akin to many other psych hospitals of the era in Canada. In my career as an architect I had become familar with Riverview Hospital outside of Vancouver - through renovations, maintenance and reuse.

Wm Andersen (Obviously not my real name because of the content my email - but the email address is legit.)


Doug (
Date:Sun 21 Oct 2007 11:58:50 PM EDT

Hi. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your site. I especially enjoyed your abandoned farmhouses series; I deliver rural route mail out here in central Alberta, and I have quite a few abandoned farmhouses on my route that I have poked around.

I was wondering if you know of any material out there on Uranium City? Back in my teens, I went with friends on a fishing trip up there. At the time (1989)the place was pretty near abandoned, and we adoped a routine of fishing in the early morning and evening and spending the rest of the time exploring and poking around the abandoned townsite. Do you know of anyone who's done any exploring up there in the digital age and posted photos online?

Thanx for a quality site, look forward to more updates as they come.


Alex (
Date:Sun 30 Sep 2007 01:27:40 PM EDT
Subject:weyburn mental hospital

hi! i live in weyburn and see the hospital a least once a month. since it 2007 and you havent seen it since 2006 i thought i would tell you about it. it just sold i don`t know when but i think in febuary ? IT SOLD FOR A DOLLAR! belive me or not ! it was a shocker to me but maybe not to others! it pretty run down and stupid teens are breaking the the glass. its so sad!!people are going to fix it up so we were told a year a go!hope you come and take a look soon!see ya


Kia (
Date:Tue 21 Aug 2007 10:55:34 AM EDT
Subject:This is awesome

Until I found your site I thought I was the only freako who liked to go into buildings etc. and explore them. I do the same with old hotels, always heading for the stairwells and out of the way floors where the "tourists" dont go to see the intact and original fixtures etc. For some reason seeing and interacting with really old things is exciting to me. I live in Sask and the other day my friend and I gave ourselves an exploration of the Delta Bessborough Hotel. I did not bring my digicam but Im going back and when I do I will take some pics and send them to you. We sought out the old parts of the top of the hotel, and there were sections they told us had "nothing" in them but it was very obvious from outside and even from inside that there is definately more then they say. They just dont want people going up there. I will find a way to check it hoping to see more cast off furniture etc from the early 1930's when it was built.


Shawn (
Date:Thu 09 Aug 2007 10:57:26 PM EDT
Subject:Weyburn Mental Hospital

Hi there..I have some really cool pictures and some more info about this building if you would like. What an awesome webpage you have.


Date:Fri 03 Aug 2007 01:03:10 AM EDT
Subject:Old Ehrle Hotel, etc...

Hey! I just wanted to say your site is awesome. I worked at the shop across the street from the old Ehrle for 7 years, before our building got demolished too.

Anyways, Keep doing what you do, Old buildings are fascinating, I'm glad I'm not the only one...



dominik blais (
Date:Sun 29 Jul 2007 01:11:20 AM EDT

hey hey i'm a french canadian and i went to the old mental hospital of weyburn cuz i did katimavik in weyburn and i wantd to know if it's possible to send me more picture of the hospital (if you have some more)

sincerely thank you very much
P.S. sorry for my broken english

Dominik blais


Rowan (
Date:Sat 23 Jun 2007 06:04:08 PM EDT

I'm sorry to see him go, I really am


Brandon Mattox (
Date:Mon 09 Apr 2007 09:06:20 PM EDT
Subject:Canadian Mental Institutions

We've got a couple thousand goof balls or looneys here in Stillwater Oklahoma.


james churchill (
Date:Sun 25 Mar 2007 05:35:40 PM EDT
Subject:i never thought I'd miss saskatchewan

thumbs up for your site. good job...and I got a few laughs out of the dialogue with the hangmans hospital post.
I'll check back.


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