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Ashley (
Date:Sun 11 Feb 2007 08:29:44 PM EST
Subject:Hangman's Hospital

I'm so glad you put up pictures of "Hangman's Hospital"! I'm from Moose Jaw and I'm glad some people got shots of the interior. :)


Signious (
Date:Wed 07 Feb 2007 03:27:52 PM EST
Subject:Souris Valley Extended Care Centre (real name for Weyburn Metal Hospital)

I was just browsing around your stuff on the weyburn mental care hospital and saw that you posted that it was for sale for a grand total of $5 Million. That was NOT reached, ever, but the facility was sold, not ownership of property, just the main building and the use of one or two of the wings. The buyer was a chinese shipping company and was sold for the grand totaly of $1. no that was not a typo, they sold it for a looney. This was under the stipulations that the company would put up to $1 million in renovations within a year of the deal (mid '06). Now i dont know if you have been in their, it is a mess. Most youth that go in their (illegaly) just go in to play paintball or vandalise. It is alarmed, but the police cannot possibly find anyone wishing to hide, due to the shear vastness of the area. Email me if you want any further information on the sale and ill see what i can dig up. If you desire to see the building in its current state once more, i would sugest getting on that.


"Weyburn Fascinated" (
Date:Fri 15 Dec 2006 01:50:44 AM EST
Subject:Weyburn Hospital

Thank you for the photos of what was once the largest hospital of it's kind in western Canada. It's eeriness deserves to be noted before they tear it down, as they eventually will. Any interior shots available? Those would make a nice edition to the photo essay of the Weyburn site.
Please comment /reply. I'd be willing to attempt a mission to take interior shots, but only with someone familiar with this massive site. A person could get seriously lost inside a place that big, if they weren't with someone who knew their way around. This is not idle talk. I live in Alberta, but for the historical significance this place represents, I'd make the trip to Saskatchewan to gain entry and take photos.

Yes I've read the disclaimer..To anyone on that end of this guestbook, particularily the person who took all those great pictures of Weyburn...You interested??? Email me and we could plan something!!!


vance doering (
Date:Mon 04 Dec 2006 11:50:30 PM EST

love your site , and seeing some of the older farm houses and the pics on the weyburn mental hospital way also VG....there you had a section on the abandon that hospital in Saskatoon or regina?
I emailed a buddy of mine about your site and had him focus on the hospital page, he was agosted by what was left in the hospital,... he helps out sometimes with one of those charrity club to send used medical equipment over to needy countries mainly africa, he said that the equipment in the your pics could be refurnished with little time and money to be use to help others,...
Have you, managed to explore any of the grain elevators



Catherine (
Date:Fri 10 Nov 2006 06:56:47 PM EST
Subject:Your Website



dave hutchinson (@c-412 @
Date:Sun 29 Oct 2006 03:44:38 PM EST
Subject:weyburn mental hospital

what is the story on a purchase of weyburn hosp by Chinese interests?
does it have any relation to reports of Korean interests buying motels,hotels and restaurants in weyburn?


Logan Muxlow (
Date:Tue 17 Oct 2006 01:34:59 AM EDT
Subject:Souris Valley

Hey man getdown to weyburn this weekdn and me and bunch of buddies found a way into souris valley.


Dr. Colin Grier (
Date:Wed 11 Oct 2006 11:07:46 PM EDT
Subject:Weyburn Mental Hospital

I was just there two days ago (Oct 10th 2006) and this place absolutely mesmerized me. Nothing like it in the vein of Goffman's "Total Institution" around anymore, except maybe a few early 20th C. Indian Residential Schools in Alberta or the NWT. My Grandmother has lived in Wyburn for almost 93 years and I just clued in to how grand this structure is. Rumour has it a Chinese Consortium has purchased it for $1 to create a wholesale distribution showroom (ouch!), and if they do not complete renos by the end of 2007 it will be demolished. Sad. I don't know which fate to wish for it...



Carrie of Haunted Pennsylvania (
Date:Sat 07 Oct 2006 03:16:10 AM EDT

Thanks for the link!
Nice locations you've got up there, if we ever make it up we'll have to see if we can't get a tour.

LOL and how on earth did you ever find our website?

Best Wishes,
Co-Founder Haunted Pennsylvania


Ashley (
Date:Tue 03 Oct 2006 10:06:03 PM EDT
Subject:Urbex places in Sask

Great site! I love urbex, but it seems like there's no places in Moose Jaw to check out, since the Providence is pretty much gone. Do you know of any places in/near MJ that I could check out. TIA.

I also have some Providence Hospital pics on my site:


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